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Energy costs are a significant overhead for many businesses. They are costs that are set to increase and directly impact on a businesses ‘bottom line’. In the past five fears Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions have helped business owners save €1.2 million in energy costs. View some of our recent energy projects.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We can develop your sustainability strategy to improve your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. This will define goals that are align with the company’s ethos. To refine the overall strategy further we can develop the GHG emissions associated with the companies activities and begin the carbon mapping process. The resulting project identifies a clear road map for reducing carbon emissions and improving the sustainability of the company.

Carbon Management Plan

Based on an agreed carbon management plan we will establish a baseline and highlight where your business is creating carbon emissions. Our aim is to outline the practical steps that can be taken to firstly reduce your carbon and energy footprint and secondly to develop a sustainability roadmap embracing not simply energy and GHG reductions but encompassing the wider sustainability agenda and improving the businesses corporate social responsibility.

International Standards

An in depth GHG project in conformance with ISO 14064 can be developed by our engineers. If your company has specific goals in terms of achieving a specific standard such as the Carbon Trust standards or participation in the carboNZero or CDP we can also be of service.

Sustainability Strategy

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solution can provide the full range of services to ensure a holistic approach is adapted in reducing your company’s GHG emissions along with the wider sustainability agenda of reducing water, waste, and supply chain inefficiencies.


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