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Energy Audits

Our engineers are on the SEAI register of energy auditors and ESOS lead assessors register and will ensure your company is compliant with EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU transposed into law by Statutory Instrument (SI) 426 of 2014 in Ireland and ESOS in the UK.

Non-SME companies are now required to carry out an independent High Quality Energy Audit before December 5th, 2015 (and every 4 years thereafter). The EU have defined non-SME to mean a business with >250 employees and/or >50m turnover. All other organisations can choose to undertake the audit if they so desire (and it would be a positive and proactive approach to take for an SME).

An energy audit is a detailed review of the energy used in a building and identifies any areas of energy wastage. It reviews the pattern of energy usage and potential for energy and cost savings. All the main fuel input utility costs are assessed including oil, gas and electricity. Remember wasted energy costs money.

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions Engineers carry out all levels of energy audits, from quick, preliminary audits to full investment grade proposals. The audits involve spreadsheet calculations, degree day and temperature frequency analysis, power analysis as well as building computer simulations and modelling. The reports and calculations are always extensively vetted by a Professional Chartered Engineer, to ensure the highest quality of work.

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions will oversee the full implementation of the audit findings through our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers who have significant experience in all areas of building systems.

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