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Life Cycle Analysis of Plant Procurement

Did you know that mechanical and electrical systems are frequently installed based on least expensive capital cost. Analysis of life cycle costs repeatedly demonstrates that initial capital costs represent only a small proportion of the total cost of the equipments. In many cases the annual running cost of the equipment is up to 10 times more than the capital cost.

Life cycle analysis differs in its approach to procurement in that it takes the whole cost of ownership of the product including initial capital cost, running costs, maintenance and disposal costs into account when selecting a product. Running inefficient, incorrectly sized plant costs your business money and is eroding your profits.

Taking pumps as an example. Some interesting facts you may not realize:
  • By simply reducing the speed of a pump by 20% results in a 50% reduction in electrical consumption
  • Most pumps currently installed are bigger than necessary for the job they are required to do. In fact 90% of pumps use up to 60% more energy than required resulting in massive energy wastage for businesses annually.
  • Replacing pumps usually pays for itself in less than 2 years

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions analyse the life cycle cost of products we specify to ensure that costs are minimised to save our clients the maximum amount of money. We can advise on the replacement and upgrade of all mechanical and electrical systems to ensure that life cycle costs are minimised.

Using Life cycle analysis we will thoroughly scrutinise all your systems, including the following, to eliminate energy wastage from your existing and new equipments.
  • Motors on equipment
  • Heating and cooling coils in Air Handling Units (AHUís)
  • Pumps
  • Face velocities on AHUís
  • Valve and grille designs
  • Boiler plant
  • Lighting gear
  • Switchgear
  • Light fittings
  • Belts
  • Chillers
  • Compressed air

The application of life cycle analysis approach on plant procurement ensures ďBest ValueĒ solutions are identified. Applied to existing plant solutions it provides compelling analysis for replacement or overhaul of existing equipment.
Life Cycle Analysis

Donít miss out an energy saving opportunity.
Let Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions conduct a life cycle costing on your equipment and stop wasting money.

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