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Energy Monitoring and Targeting

One of the best ways of savings energy is to know how much you are using, where and when it is being used. Through energy monitoring the consumption of gas, water and electricity can be monitored in real time. It is important to know where the energy is going in order to eliminate wastage and save money.

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions can provide a complete monitoring and targeting system through our comprehensive monitoring solutions. Monitoring and targeting system gives the following benefits:

  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Alerts when lighting and equipment are left on after hours
  • Ability to remotely switch on/off equipment
  • Alerts when energy use is abnormally high
  • Allows a cost breakdown for lighting, equipment and department spending

Provision of real time consumption monitoring information has helped our clients achieve savings of 20%. Clients of ours who have benefited from Monitoring and Targeting include Dunnes Stores, Kilkenny Livestock Mark and NCT.

Metering and targeting usually consists of three elements; meters, communication system and display software.
  • A meter to monitor the energy usage on an regular interval basis
  • A communications system which transfers the information automatically from the meter to the end user. This can be done using a phone line or mobile connection
  • User display which allows the user to monitor current energy usage and set alarms for abnormal usage patterns

Through energy metering and targeting the full benefits of an energy reduction program can be achieved.
Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Monitor your energy use in real time with our energy and targeting systems
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