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Energy Reduction Programmes

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions offers the following range of energy reduction services. These programmes can be implemented simultaneously or alternatively individually on a phased basis.

We offer carbon and energy programmes at no cost to customers as our payment comes from initial savings from programmes thereby removing any financial barriers to entry.

We remove the financial barriers for customers in availaing of these programmes by offering these programmes at "no cost". Our costs are recouped from the early stages of savings in the programme - no savings / no fee.

Our team of engineers and energy auditors have over 30 years experience in delivering energy savings to clients.

Fabric Analysis and Upgrade

Through the use of thermographic mapping and architectural tests we can establish whether a case exists for upgrade works. We have successfully reduced client energy costs by as much as 30% through the identification of building heat losses and highlighting areas of building fabric improvement. Poorly insulated buildings significantly increase your running costs.

Electrical Energy Consumption

Electrical energy costs are a significant part of your overheads. Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions can identify all the areas of your business where energy is being wasted and offer you solutions including:
  • Replacement of fixed speed pumps with variable speed drives
  • Improved lighting technology
  • Power factor correction
  • Improved controls
  • Maximise use of “Off Peak” tariffs
  • Bill Analysis

All these solutions have quick payback periods. Consider the following as an example.

On average lighting accounts for 25% of an organisations electrical energy usage. These costs can easily be reduced by 33% by replacing your old lighting installation with energy efficient lighting and determining the best use of sensors and daylight control to maximise your energy savings. Lighting without control is wasteful and costs you money, especially if it is combined with old lighting technology. We can advise you on the best type of replacement lighting schemes. Most replacement lighting will pay for itself within 2 years.

Heating and Ventilation Systems Analysis

Up to 60% of energy is used on heating. This can be easily reduced by a third by correctly controlling your heating systems. We will assess your buildings heating and ventilation systems to ensure that they are not wasting energy by over- heating spaces or other inefficiencies in your ventilation system. Simply by turning down the thermometer by 1C degree you can save 10% on your heating bills.

Behavioural Changes

One of the key areas to achieving success in reducing energy consumption is instigating behavioural change in the work place. This can sometimes be the most challenging of measures. We combine our energy monitoring technology which sends automated alerts when energy consumption drifts off the site benchmark. We also carry out staff training and awareness programmes to ensure that energy reduction becomes an important goal of the all staff within an organization.

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