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Noel Lawler
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Noel Lawler Green Energy has completed in excess of 500 energy commissions that cover a diverse range of project types and client profiles. This volume of work has cultivated a wealth of in-house experience in this growing sector. This experience gives us a unique ability to deliver proven results for clients.

Our Service

Our services in this sector are focused on reducing our Clients energy costs through our experience and expertise as designers of the mechanical and electrical systems in commercial buildings and industrial sites. We offer a broad range of services tailored to your requirements from simple once off site audits to strategic 10 year plans for energy management and security.

Our Promise

We can save companies 20 50% on their existing energy bills. Because we understand intimately the design and operation of the systems consuming energy we are uniquely positioned to maximise associated energy reductions.

This insight allows us offer site specific energy performance guarantees in terms of projected savings.

We can offer finance solutions for clients on energy projects allowing projects to be completed and financed from the initial years of savings of the project.

Our Services include:

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