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Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions offer a range of services aimed at reducing clients energy costs through our experience and expertise.

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Energy Projects - Industrial

Industrial buildings can be complex by nature with many housing manufacturing facilities in a highly serviced engineering environment. Many of these sites offer substantial scope for energy and carbon reduction.

Industrial sites are often characterised by:

  • Large energy consumption
  • Wasteful energy processes as part of production cycle
  • Old and inefficient equipment
  • Lack of management systems to adequately address site energy management
  • Dated and energy inefficient work practices

The challenge for these sites are:

  • Improve energy efficiency without impacting on facility operation
  • Reduce sites energy and carbon footprint.
  • Exploit any opportunities from processes to harness waste heat for site demand
  • Integrate renewable energy sources into site

We offer to our clients:

  • Structured approach to energy management savings
  • Guaranteed savings on site
  • Financing options for energy projects
  • Assistance in implementing EN 16001:2009 Energy Management Standard
  • Potentially 20% - 40% reduction in electrical and thermal energy costs

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions can save your business money by cutting your energy costs.

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Recent Projects

Pfizer Newbridge

Pfizer Newbridge


This is an ongoing project to realise carbon savings for Pfizer through renewable engineering solutions. Proposals include wind turbines, wood gasification and biomass boiler. Proposals will eliminate the carbon impact equivalent of 108,000 barrels of oil per annum has been identified for implementation over a 4 5 year timeframe. Saving in excess of 400,000 annually have been identified through plant rationalisation without significant capital expenditure.

Services Provided:

Providing carbon reduction strategies for Pfizer to meet their carbon reduction programmes.


Timoney Technology


This is a good example of integration of industrial processes with building systems to create efficiency. Waste teat from the test laboratory machines is recovered and contributes to the building space heating.

Service Provided:

Providing Mechanical and Electrical consultancy services.

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