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Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions offer a range of services aimed at reducing clients energy costs through our experience and expertise.

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Energy Projects - Hotels

If like many Hotel operators or owners your operating costs are increasing through increased energy costs and you are struggling to meet your financial targets and carbon commitments, now is the time to act. Energy costs effect directly your profit margin and unless properly controlled will result in profit erosion.

Hotels have long operating hours and large energy costs. In a typical hotel heating can account for 60% of the total energy costs. By employing our energy reduction strategies your heating load can be reduced by up to a third. Another large consumer of energy is lighting. On average, 25% of your electricity costs come from lighting. We have successfully cut these costs by a third. This has the dual benefit of reduced carbon footprint and improved working environment for your staff.

We have designed and constructed many hotels and understand uniquely their energy usage and the potential savings. We have also provided advice to many hotel operators. By carrying out and initial assessment of energy usage we are able to confirm savings potential of your site. Because of our experience and technical understanding of this sector we are prepared to offer “Guaranteed Savings”. This means our fee would be reduced proportionally based on any under performance of savings. We can also assist in financing of projects for some clients through energy supply contracts or other methods.

Primary areas of consumption where we can save you money include:

  • Pump systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • BMS and time scheduling
  • Staff training programmes
  • Lighting
  • General heating
  • Pool hall heating (if applicable)
  • Pool water heating (if applicable)
  • Backwashing (if applicable)
  • Re-commissioning (Heating and Ventilation)
  • Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP)
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Recent Project




The report summarises the opportunity register in relation to energy saving interventions. Early indications following this initial assessment is that an investment of €685,655 would yield annual savings of €357,254 and therefore a simple payback of 2 years and 5 months would be achieved. It should be noted that the opportunity register identifies potential opportunities with a total capital investment of €835,655 including the project management.

Services Provided:

5 key pillars were outlined in an initial roadmap including

  1. Energy Conservation
  2. Water Conservation
  3. Waste Disposal & Recycling
  4. Contribution to Local Community & Economy
  5. Sustainable Energy Initiatives & Renewable Technologies.

Bridge House Hotel Tullamore

Bridge House Hotel - Implementation of a CHP into the existing hotel


Following an energy audit it was found that the integration of a CHP was a viable renewable technology to implement. Their CHP offers huge savings and a payback of investment of 3 years.

Services Provided:

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions conducted an energy audit for the Bridge House Hotel which identified cost huge cost savings measures that could be taken. The Bridge House hotel had two remote boiler houses run on LPG and oil.

Newpark Hotel

Newpark Hotel


The electrical and mechanical bills have been reduced by over €35,000 per annum. These are very favourable savings with no capital investment.

Services Provided:

Noel Lawler Green Energy provided an energy supply contract arrangement with the Newpark whereby the hotel would save on their heating and electrical energy bills without any capital investment. This was achieved using a containerised CHP plant connected to the existing boiler houses through a district heating network.

Tulamore Court Hotel

Tullamore Court Hotel


Following the installation of the CHP the client is realising cost savings on his heat and electricity bills of over €60,000 per annum. The payback for the CHP came in under 3 years.

Services Provided:

Noel Lawler Green Energy provided the mechanical, electrical, BMS and pool services for the original hotel. During the construction of the hotels 33 bedroom extension we conducted a cost benefit analysis of using a CHP to supplement the existing boiler plant in order to service the new extension. This analysis proved that the use of a CHP was a viable solution.

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