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Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions offer a range of services aimed at reducing clients energy costs through our experience and expertise.

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Energy Projects - Pools and Leisure Centres

If like many pool operators or owners your operating costs are increasing through increased energy costs and you are struggling to meet your financial targets and carbon commitments, now is the time to act. Energy costs directly effect your businesses profitability.

Reducing energy costs compared with any other business adjustment is probably the simplest relative to the business benefit achieved. Your energy costs are likely to be 30% - 40% of your operating costs. There is a potential of achieving a 20% - 30% reduction on this cost.

Primary areas of consumption where we can save you money include:

  • Pool hall heating
  • Pool water heating
  • Backwashing
  • Pump systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • BMS and time scheduling
  • Re-commissioning (Heating and Ventilation)

We have designed and constructed many pools and leisure centres and understand uniquely their energy usage and the potential savings. We have also provided advice to many pool operators. By carrying out and initial assessment of energy usage we are able to confirm savings potential of your site. Because of our experience and technical understanding of this sector we are prepared to offer Guaranteed Savings. This means our fee would be reduced proportionally based on any under performance of savings. We can also assist in financing of projects for some clients.

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Recent Projects


Watershed Leisure Centre Kilkenny


Noel Lawlers are pleased to report a very positive outcome from their first Energy Performance Contract.Following an initial 'no obligation' site survey NLGES presented proposals to reduce their annual energy costs by 70K.

Service Provided:

  • Non capital projects which reward the client with reduced energy costs
  • Reviewing potential capital projects and forwarding the business case for their use
  • Re engineering existing systems and services in the complex
  • Review of maintenance regime
  • Bill analysis & Tariff renegotiation

Tuam Leisure Centre where Energy reductions were achieved at this modern facility

Tuam Leisure Centre


Following an energy audit we identified and implemented savings in their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The original consumption represented 40% of the buildings electrical load. This was reduced by 50% with a concurrent projected 35% reduction in gas consumption.

Service Provided:

Energy audit for Tuam Leisure identifying the key areas of energy reduction opportunities followed by on site adjustments and validation.

Claremorris Pool

Claremorris Leisure Centre


Using low energy LED lighting, heat recovery pre-heat on domestic water using recovered heat for the air conditioning we achieved a Building Energy Rating of B1. After achieving a B1 BER energy rating on this project we continued to strive for greater cost savings. Following assessment of operational energy consumption we identified energy saving plant adjustments . Initial monitoring indicate savings in excess of 12,000 per annum with payback in less than 5 months.

Service Provided:

Energy audit for Claremorris Leisure Centre identifying the key areas of energy reduction opportunities followed by on site adjustments and validation.

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