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Green Energy Solutions

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions was formed to provide an integrated approach to reducing clients energy consumption, their carbon footprint and increasing sustainability.

We offer clients a unique service by minimising a sites energy and carbon emissions. This is achieved by examining all elements contributing to energy consumption and carbon production. Our expertise is drawn from an experienced pool of architects, engineers and analysts allowing comprehensive site evaluations to be made. Our team work throughout the UK and Ireland.

Unlike many 'new entrants' to this sector we have 30 years experience designing, commissioning and monitoring the electrical and mechanical systems that are responsible for energy consumption within buildings. This in depth understanding of building systems means that we are uniquely positioned to reduce energy consumption. We adopt a holistic approach to potential reduction of energy, water and operational costs which cannot be offered by our competitors.

We offer a range of energy services including: energy contracting , energy audits, energy rating services, renewable technology integration, carbon reduction programmes, bill analysis and energy procurement.

We are continually evaluating new technologies and system controls to maximize the energy reduction impact we can deliver to Clients. We believe our experience and success to date will enhance your businesses performance through reduced energy and carbon costs.

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The report summarises the opportunity register in relation to energy saving interventions. Early indications following this initial assessment is that an investment of €685,655 would yield annual savings of €357,254 and therefore a simple payback of 2 years and 5 months would be achieved. It should be noted that the opportunity register identifies potential opportunities with a total capital investment of €835,655 including the project management.

Services Provided:

5 key pillars were outlined in an initial roadmap including

  1. Energy Conservation
  2. Water Conservation
  3. Waste Disposal & Recycling
  4. Contribution to Local Community & Economy
  5. Sustainable Energy Initiatives & Renewable Technologies.

Our Clients

Noel Lawler Green Energy Clients

“We were very pleased with the outcome of their assessment as it presented both a detailed energy reduction roadmap for the Hotel and also a clear strategy for Eden Bleu Hotel to develop sustainability credentials. Their technical proposals were well developed allowing an immediate start by the Hotel in saving money. We would highly recommend Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions to others who want to save money or develop their sustainability credentials."
Trevor Smyth, Maintenance Manager, Eden Bleu Resort, Seychelles 05/01/2016

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions provided an energy performance guarantee to reduce our energy costs with a payback of one year. To date the promise of reducing costs has been exceeded with the additional benefit of improved control and comfort. We predict that the costs will be recovered in 6-9 months with ongoing savings in excess of
€7,000 per annum.
Michael and Laura Slein, Clontarf, Dublin

We requested an energy audit from Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions to address our high energy costs. The audit proved to be of huge benefit as power consumption from oversized pumps was subsequently reduced by 87.5%. Heat pumps were also found to be running on inappropriate day time tariffs, which when rectified resulted in a 30% reduction in heating costs.
Matt Moore, Oakdale Nursing Home

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions carried out an energy audit of our Shopping Centre and provided us with measures to save €30,000 annually on electrical costs. We have started implementing these recommendations and are reaping the financial benefits now. We found their advice and its presentation to be both clear and practical. We would recommend their use to anyone looking to reduce their energy costs.
Dan O'Connor, Centre Manager Charlestown Shopping Centre

“Even with further growth in our business, our 2012 energy costs were €41k or 18.9% lower than in 2011 and we expect additional benefits to accrue from the project in the year ahead.
We have also streamlined our maintenance strategy and contracts on the advice and guidance of NLGES. Their team was most professional to work with and they demonstrated a commitment to maximising the use of renewable energy”
Dermot Gaynor, Chief Executive, The Watershed, Kilkenny

PV panels

With solar water heating you can cut your annual water heating bills by up to 60% and up to 90% in summer.

District Heating

District heating offers reduced plant space, reduced capital cost and increased energy efficiency.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines, one of the ultimate green technologies for which the fuel is always free.
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